Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hello All,

Sorry to not update yesterday. I was exhausted when I got back to the GW. I met up with Nikkila in Brooklyn where we got the cheapest mani/pedi's ever. Nik is staying with her friend Yazmin who is also from Memphis but came to fashion school at Parsons. She's gorgeous and her closet is ridiculous. We had a lot of fun until we got lost while trying to find a specific restaurant (which we thought was on 10th ave but was actually on 10th st). We're dorks!

We had a fast dinner at a small diner that was closing. They were really nice to let us come in and have a bite. They had their A/C up so high. We were frozen. It was the first time since being in the city that I wanted to be outside.

Before I met up with Nikkila I spent the day getting turned around in Times Square. I had a caricature done of me by this really nice guy for 5 bucks. It was great. I will take a picture and post it soon. I initially went looking for the Sanrio Store but I had a hellashious time trying to find it amongst all of the craziness.

I was expecting a giant megastore which is probably why I passed it three times without noticing.

While getting lost on 42nd St, I walked underneath this first and didn't realize it was actually the real thing. How beautiful and amazing is this building?! I was suddenly reminded of the tacky representation of the cityscape in "Down With Love" which is one of my favorite New York movies next to "When Harry Met Sally" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Having breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my dreams and I will definitely be doing that sometime within the next few days. After all of the walking I had to take a cab. This photo I took from the window.

So today, I officially began my residency. (Woot) The people I have met are amazing. The group is very diverse as far as background, nationality, and place within our careers. Just to name a "few" of the countries represented: France, UK, Spain, Turkey, India, U.S., and the South (me). lol. The faculty is amazing and I am so silly to have been nervous about the critique today. It went swimmingly, as it was basically a show and tell of our work and an introduction to each other. Everyone was really positive about my work and about everyone's really. I am the only one who works with self-portraiture which is a whole new world from me coming from the MCA department.

Tomorrow we have a lecture from Jerry Saltz (nominated for pulitzer in criticism three times) go ahead and pee yourself. :) lol. And then an intro to the digital lab in the photo building. By the way, the facilities I saw today blew me away. I am so jealous of the kids who do their undergraduate work here. But as a Memphian, I suppose, I can just say they're spoiled.

My lovely new friend Maisie and I went to the Whole Foods at Union Square and it was insanely busy (I'm sure what I expected from Union Sq? lol). We had a tasty dinner and then walked back to the GW. We had lovely conversation.

Sorry this is a short post for two days. I'm needing my sleep lately.

Caio (Eddie Izzard reference for those who know and love him, as I do)

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