Monday, July 4, 2011

Bright Lights, Big City

I decided to dedicate my website blog to my adventures in NYC this summer. I was accepted into an Artist Residency Program at the School of Visual Arts. I finally made it to the city after 15 hours of travel including an eight hour layover in Atlanta, GA. I made fast friends with my fellow passengers of flight 368 as we spent so much time together in the airport after our flight's cancellation. Shout out to my friends: Laticia from Chicago by way of Puerto Rico, Maya from Cally, and Anne from NYC. And a special shout out to my great friend from Florida by way of Brooklyn who's name I still do not know and Patricia, a beautiful Italian woman who didn't speak any English.

I speak for all of us when I say: F*** YOU AIRTRAN 

The plane rides were great though. I was able to upgrade to business class for $4.00 on the first flight, which was awesome! The two children in front of me were very entertaining. The boy must have been 4 or 5 years old. He had fun talking like he was on the intercom and making crashing plane noises. I'm pretty sure that the guy across the isle from me threw up his bloody mary in the lavatory sink. I went in to pee and couldn't wash my hands because the sink was full of tomato juice. I tried to turn on the water and I was spattered by the sink's contents. It was fabulous. On the second flight I had a window seat next to one of the guys from my original flight. He read X-Men comics on his Ipad the entire flight. He looked like Louis C.K. with a different shaped face and so I was disturbed to see his smart phone background was Hello Kitty.

Once I got to my building (The George Washington Hotel on Lexington Ave) I was exhausted but still felt like I needed to at least unpack to feel like I accomplished something. So I did. This morning I had a toasted croissant fromt the deli next door and took a trip to Walgreens. I had to unload a few items from my luggage yesterday morning because one of my bags was over the 50lb limit. So I had to take a trip to Walgreens this morning also, to pick up some shampoo and lotion.

In a few minutes I'm going with Tommy Kha to B&H photo supply and then to China Town for some dim-sum. I think I will probably visit the Sanrio store today in Times Square and a Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a bed cushion. I think the mattress I slept on last night must be 50 years old. I'll update later today with some real photos and more to tell.

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