Friday, July 8, 2011

Brain Overload

Today I visited MOMA Ps1. It was really a beautiful museum and the exhibits were really interesting. I took several pictures of my class today (with film of course once I develop them I will post some.) They are all truly extraordinary.

My god, I have to learn another language.

The exhibit I really enjoyed was Francia Alys' exhibit titled "A Story of Deception." Also, Laurel Nakadate "Only the Lonely" was interesting but I found most of it artificial and in many cases contradictory and gratuitous. Her interest in Britney Spears does make me happy though. Before we made it to Ps1 we visited the Flag Gallery which was totally boring. The selections relied far too much on the explanation of the curator which one of my friends pointed out.

You could cut the elitism with a knife.

I did like to see some of Roni Horn's work in person but it was very difficult to get over the self-indulgence of the artist in works such as this golden piece. Though, I do respect Horn's way of being able to not limit herself to one genre or discipline and that she works with many varying concepts within her work. I did like the pink glass piece; mostly because it was all round and glassy.  :)

After I went by the school to sign up for my one on one critique times I managed to take a 2 hour nap and then went to dinner with my friend Maisie, who is quite brilliant and lovely. We ate at a really nice Mediterranean place in the East Village and took a walk in the rain. My Tom's are completely soaked. Tomorrow the plan is to have breakfast at Tiffany's and then tour the NY Public Library. Then I need to do laundry and figure out what I want to shoot because I need to get materials for printing and I have a one on one with Seth Greenwald and I want to so him something new. Wish me luck!

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