Monday, November 15, 2010

So they turned out okay

The salt prints turned out pretty good actually. I think that it's the prettiest process that we have learned. When I get them back on friday I will scan them up and post them. The last project for alternative process is platinum and palladium process. I am excited about it but the kit was so expensive. Splitting it with Megan still cost me about $180.00. Yikes. I still need to buy my inkjet silk for my photo 5 portfolio and it's going to cost about that much or more! Expensive!

For fibers I am making a yarn "snuggie" for my computer. I just figured that because It is in the bed with me all of the time it should be more snuggly like me and Alex. I found this really obnoxiously puffy yarn called "Pomp -a- Doodle!" and some giant US 35 knitting needles. It's going to be a lot of fun. I have to finish the samples for the different types of knit techniques and the snuggie by Monday.

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Alex K. Barton said...

yur funny! I love yooo!