Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Salt Prints: F-U!

At school all night making salt prints (silver nitrate/gelatin). I can't wait for Friday to be over, for real. I was supposed to go to therapy today but my counselor called and changed it for tomorrow. So my day pretty much went to crap after that.

I didn't get things done quickly enough and now I'm afraid that there will be no more silver nitrate and the critique is friday. ugh. But I did get my transcription done from my interview with Guniz. It only took like an hour and a half. That's good I guess. One less thing to worry about tomorrow.

Now I'm just waiting for the gelatin to dry and looks like we're out of the new silver nitrate. Hopefully the old stuff we found will work. If not, I have no prints and I will fail most definitely. Yay me. I'm in a good mood though because of my break down yesterday. I suppose I just got some stuff out (talking/crying to Haley all morning).

I'm terrified right now but trying to be positive. Please don't have a panic attack. The sad part is I don't think I even have the energy to have one right now.

Hurry up Friday afternoon!

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