Thursday, November 18, 2010

Got and A

pretty salt print. this is what they look like if you were wondering. they can be darker toned also, which mine are.

I got an A on my salt prints yay! I will be posting them tomorrow. I have to scan them in and Leah has two of them hanging out in the hallway. This is nice seeing as I got a C on the last two projects. (bogas by the way) They turned out really nice like I said earlier.

Right now I should be working on a yarn project for surface design that is due on Monday. I'm making a snuggie and I can't get the yarn that I bought to work properly. I think I will just have to buy a different kind and attach the fuzzy stuff to it afterward. So back to Michaels again tomorrow.

Also tomorrow is the Holiday Bazaar. The photo class and I have been planning a photo with santa opp. I hope that it goes well and people want to donate to our SPE/grad school/group show monetary needs! We're all broke and I still have to buy $200.00 inkjet silk. ugh. I help Tommy to make buttons today it was really fun. We just collaged random images and illustrations together to make them fun and absurd. Now I want a button maker for Christmas. Seriously.

I have been watching LA Ink lately and it's really interesting. It makes me want to have a tattoo but I know that I would regret it. Plus I am so small that I would be all tattoo. So I'm letting Alex paint on me. I definitely will not get one until I am a more decisive person and a little more easy going; like when I'm 50. I just want to see what it is like.

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Alex K. Barton said...

Yay for good grades and yay for yarn too and yay for tattoos on people other than you! No but really if you ever want a tattoo I will not stop you as long as its sexy. Like on your shoulder blade or something. No trampstamps. not that I think you would ever get one.