Friday, September 17, 2010

Only 4 weeks in

It's only been four weeks of school and I'm barely making it. I can't lie, it hasn't been that rough compared with the past two years but still, I'm tired. Right now I'm sitting in the lighting studio while by bestie jordan hood lays half naked with one light on her for my pinhole project. She's a good friend! I have two of recommendation letters finished and my short artist statement for the Javits fellowship application. I need to fill out the application and finish my statement of purpose and extended statement. The Javits for those of you how are unaware, is a Scholarship/Fellowship program that supports the arts. It's the largest and most prestigious fellowship allowed for the arts from the Federal Government. They pay around 44,000 a year for writers, artists, and musicians to attend the grad school of choice. 33 are given every year and you can apply only twice in your life. My photo 5 class has been working on these apps for the past 3 weeks and it's tough.

I'm trying to get my graduate school portfolio together but I don't feel like I have enough work to show for the past three years. That's the nature of my illness, never anything to show for your life. So, I've got to get myself motivated and improve my attention span. Does anyone know any natural supplement that can improve your attention span? Anyway. I was talking to Haley and she said that I should think about doing something to my prints after they are printed. Like, some other way of presenting them or showing some kind of wear or condition of the print. There's actually not a lot to look at from other artist who work like this but I suppose that's a good thing.

i just like to many opposite things: documentary/painterly, stark contrast/soft focus, etc. Just like any other thing in life I am indecisive because I can imagine so many possibilities. I guess this is not a completely useless way of thinking but at this particular time in my life it is causing me great grief. But on a lighter note an art historian told me that I didn't have to have a museum science degree to go into that field. He said I would be better off pursuing library and art history majors which is sort of a relief because I would be able to have many more options for careers. I have become very interested in cultural anthropology and psychological anthropology. These are other possible paths for me I think.

I feel like all of that was ramble.

(michelle branch radio).

Shout out to artists I like at the moment and one's I've always loved.

Connie Imboden

Elina Brotherus

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Alex K. Barton said...

Hey Baby! We are going to make it, okay. I love you. feel better.