Sunday, August 22, 2010


So, those of you who actually follow this blog, I apologize. This has been a rough summer to say the least. No excuses. I'm finally getting myself together. Tomorrow I being my senior year at MCA which a little terrifying and daunting to be honest. I am ready to get as much as I can out of these next to semesters and then move on.

I have been stuck when it comes to my independent study project. A few postings back (which was months ago) I talked about photographing women in their homes as a way of getting at some very deep feelings. That didn't pan out because I never got any responses. I suppose I should have tried harder but I am planning to do something similar to that this semester. Then I got it in my head that I wanted to photograph myself (again). My professor didn't think this would be very productive and know I finally get why.

I am in my head so much that I cannot see past myself. That is why I have been stuck to the point that as my friend Jordan says "I am rejecting photography" I can still talk about myself but I need to separate myself from the issues. I cannot really photograph an internal ordeal with just my face, it will always look the same and my portfolio is already full of pictures of myself. Ahhh!

So then I decided I needed a symbol for myself. I think I'm a flower. My mother is a florist and horticulture has always been something that is a part of my soul. I don't know that much about them and that makes me sad; but when I look at them and smell them I feel more alive. So there, I'm a flower.

I had this idea that I wanted to create this feeling of drowning or being stuck, buried whatever. I was planning to drown flowers. (sounds sacrilegious I know)

Update: It's been two days and I haven't finished this post. Today is the 25th.

So back to the project. Anyway, I was going to drown these flowers; ok. Then I thought, I could destroy a potted plant. A potted plant makes sense as a symbol for something that is contained and restricted; stuck. So that is what I did. I laid under a piece of glass with a plant on top of it. I slowly destroyed the perfect little potted plant. Then I added water and magic happened!
A sorts of tree forms roots and all kinds of creepy came to life.

So now I am digitally collaging these images into one composition. It's going to look really amazing and a lot darker than all of my other work but I like that about it. It will be finished before Friday and I will post it soon.

I have a new website: Please check it out and tell me what you think. I updated the photography section and the others will soon follow. I want to know how the site looks on your screens so let me know. I know two of the sections need to be re-uploaded because they aren't the correct resolution. I want you all to look at the Easters and Bedroom Series One and Two. They're finished.

I have a feeling that I am really going to progress quickly and abundantly before May. I am really excited about seeing what I can really do. In photo 5 I will be making myself a professional: resume, statements, commercial & fine art's a lot but I'm excited. I'm also starting to look at grad schools which is probably what I am going to be doing after I graduate. I want to become an assistant to a photographer though, to gain some more experience.

I don't think anyone is reading this so I am going to stop now.

Moment of Zen

And some plastic pots

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Alex K. Barton said...

I read this, and you amaze me! I love that you sound excited again. I hope this semester is good for you...

I am impressed by your writing skills, you wanna go out some time?