Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Got In

I recieved an email yesterday with a subject that read "Congratulations." That's right, I got into my first non-school, international show. This is really exciting. The exhibition was juried and 1000 images were submitted. They picked forty and one of them is one of my slides from the Bedroom Series. Yes! It's in Middlebury, Vermont at the Photoplace Gallery so I won't be able to attend. My piece will also be included in the exhibition catalogue. The site of the results is on the Vermont Photography Workplace/ Photoplace Gallery website. So check it out. The image on my profile is the one that got in. The exhibition is titled Wide Awake Dreaming.

In other news: The Javits applications are due on Thursday. All that I have left is to collect one more letter of recommendation and complete my statement of purpose after Haley edit's it. I am ready for it to be out of my hands so I can focus on my portfolio. I have a lot to shoot and a lot to accomplish before december and I begin filling out grad applications. I need to enter more shows also.

I am really excited about my next two photo projects one is a van dyke brown diptych and the other is a continuation of the bedroom and time series. It's already mid-term next week and I'm kind of freaking out, but I really think I can get some of this stuff done.

Artist of the Day: Inspired by my excitement for the van dyke project is Susanna Hays. She makes beautiful contact prints. I plan on doing something related to these for the holiday bizarre. with flowers and such.

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