Thursday, October 7, 2010

So many questions, so little time.

Hello All!

This week Haley has been torturing us with graduate school, residency, and internship searches. Now is the time to begin applying for all of these and to figure out what kind of future you want in the art world and your plans for the near future. This is all terrifying and confusing. I am most uncertain about what I want to do with my life, my photography, myself; and it seems like I haven't had the time to figure it out.

Four years, for me, has not been enough time. I just made some breakthroughs about a semester and a half ago. I want to approach all of this as if I want to do it all but this is difficult because I want to do it all in more than one field of study. I have to find grad schools that offer studio art, library science, and art history graduate programs so that I can give myself the room to make decisions. I really don't want to pigeonhole myself into one department again, especially when it comes to the fine arts. I have learned a great deal about myself from being a part of a small department but I want to learn what i can do. That is why I want to attend a large university.

The next problem is it's a graduate degree and you must apply to a specific program. It's not like undergraduate at all. And I don't want to be stuck in a university that doesn't have a reputation for my fields of study and that does not have a good art program to begin with. As you can see it is hard to focus.

Some of the schools I'm interested in are because of their location. I know that I should only be concerned with what I want to do and not what Alex will be doing but I don't want to force him to move somewhere for me when I still am not sure where what I want to do and learn . So places that he may get jobs are texas, washington, california, and canada. I am very interested in the University of Arizona, University of Oregon, Texas Women's University, University of Texas Austen, and ACAD in Canada. University of Washington is a maybe but I don't really get excited about the work that comes from there. I need to look a Colorado Universities as well. Also the Dallas schools.

I need help making decisions. I am interested in the Anderson Ranch residency and an internship at pretty much any museum or library that will take me to be honest. I just need to get some more information about all of this.

ps. Party Girl. Possibly my new favorite movie. I knew before that I loved Parker Posey but now I think I'm obsessed.

Mary: "I may have made a mistake but that is no reason to patronize me. It is dismaying that your expectations are based on the performance of a lesser primate, and also revelatory of a managerial style which is sadly lacking. Is it any wonder then that I've chosen not to learn the intricacies of an antiquated and idiotic system."


Alex K. Barton said...

Nice quote! lol

Kayla Cline said...

I've heard good things about UT I think..the one in Austin. If you need to get in touch with a student to hear how it is, my friend Ray (she used to go to school with us--Rachel McClellan) goes there now and I'm pretty sure she's very satisfied with the art program there.