Monday, July 19, 2010

What's Up

It's been a while.

I've started working at Low's Bridal and Formal and I love my job.

I've started taking pictures with my computer camera and video each day to supplement the non-existent independent study work I have done. No one ever responded to my ad. Oh well I learned something just from thinking about the project. I think during the school year I will try it again. I have been turning on the camera when I am at home, watching me watching television. I depend on television to get me through the day, it's sad I know. I pick a show and watch every episode. Indulge me while I list all of the shows I have exhausted.

Grey's Anatomy
The Office
Sex and the City
30 Rock
America's Next Top Model
The Tudors
Dawson's Creek

I've seen every episode at least twice. It's ridiculous. There are more shows like Beverly Hills 90210 (original) that I've seen several seasons multiple times. I'm addicted to characters and other people living their lives. I watch reality tv and I hate that about myself. All that it does is cause even more unrealistic expectations of the world, relationships etc. All of this does not help a person who already feels like she is wasting her life.

Enough of the pessimism.

Pandora Radio makes me very happy. Sixpence None the Richer, Michelle Branch, radio. Sing along.

I've decided that I want to fall into something. Someday I will be able to take part in my abundant interests. I would love to get off the television and on to books. Which reminds me that I have become delinquent with my library books. (carrie bradshaw reference...oh god).

Lately I am totally obsessed with stand up comedy. I thought for a day that maybe I could be a stand up comedian. But then I realized I'm not a performer. Even as a dancer I really only enjoyed the studio. But don't get me wrong I like attention. Every time I'm in a conversation with someone I always bring anything they're talking about back to me. No matter what it is I will find some way that I can talk about myself or someone I know. And believe me, I always know best compared to others. How messed up is that. Why can't I be a listener and ask questions about others. That's it, I have to do something about this. I've been thinking about this for the past few days maybe a week.

Okay blog decoration time.


My Heroine Kathy Griffin

watch her show My Life on the D-List and all of her Bravo specials. I want to be her when I grow up. Well, a little bit anyway.

Alan Cumming, amazing man.
My favorite Youtube video as of late (as an inspirational poster)

And last but not least of Alecia's random favorite/on my brain lately things

Never has there been a film that has defined a generation like this one. Especially in this case because it is a period film that defined a generation that was not even born yet for another 20 years.

That's all for today. Images should be up on the website soon. New url:

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Alex K. Barton said...

Okay, get a book series! Quick before you start in on 30 rock! Don't Do it baby! I see you looking for a new TV series.
Bacon is good for me! not 30 rock. Although its a super funny show. Much better than nip tuck. I hate medical shows and you know it. Read some books to rela!x, try it today at your local library