Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I cannot seem to get anything done today.

I did pick up the house so that I can breathe a bit better. Alex promises to take all of the dirty clothes to the car so I don't have to look at them until we go to the laundry mat! That's nice of him I think. Laundry is something that just drives me insane and according to my sister it runs in the family. We had a very long conversation recently about how much we hate and neglect laundry duties. It is so stressful and only because I just want to avoid doing it at all costs.

I have this paper to write about Bunuel but I couldn't stay awake enough during the movies. The longer I'm in this class the weaker my attention span gets I think. This paper will suck and I will not get a B+ like I did on the last one. This means I must write like a badass this weekend on the next one. I really hope for a B in this class.

I plan to make my advertisement tomorrow for the Memphis Flyer. Hopefully it is cheap. Haley also suggested Craig's List but I'm a little terrified of who will answer, though I'm terrified that I'm going to get crazies anyway from the paper ad. Any suggestions? I know that's a stupid question, no one reads this crap. I will have to start blogging about something that matters to other people. Maybe I will post all of my images and findings...yea I think that's a good idea, good job me. That's interesting right? I know that I am not that interesting; only with complaints.

I will write more later once I have finished my crappy paper. Let's make Blogger better than facebook! Also I will being next week working on my website. It needs serious help. Go to it if you want and make suggestions. I just can't seem to figure out what I'm really going for. I want something really clean and accessible but that doesn't look like I made it with IWeb.

Good Day.

Ps. This old man makes me happy. I love his work.

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