Thursday, October 21, 2010

i'm on behance

Everyone should check out my new profile on the behance network. You can browse all of the artists I'm following and get inspired by. I'm sure I will be posting their work soon. I'm really into illustration lately, go figure!

P.S. I watched Sleeping Beauty a day ago. It is still amazing.


Alex K. Barton said...

Yes Sleeping beauty was amazing I love the way the people are drawn. The music however did not blow me away watching it the second time. Its not clever at all, so boring sounding. when we watched Pocahontas the day after I was like holy crap that's some amazing music.

You sent me the invite to that network. I will join it soon.

Kayla Cline said...

I want to see Pocahantas again!!! I wonder if Sleeping Beauty was like The Lion King...I wasn't impressed by the music now that I'm older. I've never seen Sleeping Beauty that weird?