Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I think I'm gonna be a librarian.

Okay, so I was talking with Alex over dinner a few nights ago. Once, again we ran through the list of possible careers, including things like: janitor, psychologist, chef, dance teacher, photographer, chemist, physicist, elementary school teacher, etc. Librarian was one of the only one's I said was a possibility--go figure. Basically, I want to continue to learn forever. I don't have enough of one interest to fulfill a life or a career life. Being a librarian I would make a contribution while not being stressed out all of the time. There are so many options in this field as far as specialties and focus. The only problem is I am afraid that I will not be a competitive candidate for graduate school. We shall just have to see. I am looking at a few schools in Texas and UCA in Conway.

Anyhoo, this could be exciting.

Also, I have been going to see a psychologist. It is going very well.

I watched Groundhog Day for the first time last night and it is one of the greatest films ever made in my opinion. I can't believe I hadn't seen it before.

As far as photography, I am working on two projects. One of them is for alternative process. It's about different types of light and self portraiture. I'm shooting 35 mm in color and then converting it to black and white. I need to have it done before thursday night so I can have Haley print it for me. The other is for photo 5. I am printing on silk inkjet fabric and then putting bleach on it so it falls apart over time. Them I'm going to photographic it falling apart. The inkjet silk is going to be expensive though.

I learning how to knit in Surface Design class. It's really hard to figure out how to hold your hands at first. The needles I bought were too long to deal with and sort of slippery with the acrylic yarn so I bought some bamboo ones that are pretty thick and short. So, we will see how that goes.

We are planning to visit Lilly this weekend instead of going out for Halloween. That kind of sucks because I want to go out but I haven't gotten my wig yet and I can't go another weekend without hugging that sweet little baby! Derek keeps posting pictures and I can't take it anymore. She's probably forgotten me by now and that sucks !


Kayla Cline said...

A librarian would be awesome! My mom keeps trying to be the librarian at our local library back home. Are you doing the tree images?

Alex K. Barton said...

Yay! yes librarian looks like a good direction to me. and I miss Lilly too!