Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lots going on and lots to do.

Here's the big post I have been promising for a week now. As of today I have been in New York for 11 days and I am just now getting some idea of what I'm doing for my project. I'm not really sure what will manifest as the final project for the exhibition.

I have gone quite a lot as far as visitations. I took a free swing dance class down by the Hudson River and then there was a jazz band for dancing.

A couple laying in the grass at the Hudson.
The other night my two friends Maisie and Cemre made dinner together in Cemre's fabulous apartment she's staying in for the month. It was a wonderful dinner and great evening. Also Maisie and I have become friends with the RA on my floor, Chen Longo. He's a really interesting person and the three of us have had dinner together a few times. We went down to the river close to Gramercy Park and had some amazing Chinese food from a place down the street from our building it was beautiful. We jumped the railing and went down to sit on the large rocks in the water on the sand.
I've been taking some photos around town and some of my classmates. I've been using Velvia Slide Film and it's beautiful. For some reason my exposures are dark so I've had to do some post camera work.
If you look closely you will see a man rollerblading with three rats on his shoulders and head. Only in New York.
The New York Public Library (main building) It's absolutely gorgeous inside but none of my negatives were any good. 
The Chrysler Building from 6th Avenue  
A fish in the tank at Cemre's Apartment. I think it's related to the piranha. 
We visited a gallery in Chelsea the same day as PS1. This may look familiar because it's a Cindy Sherman Print. (yea that's jealous) Below is a piece of sculpture outside on the balcony. The view was really nice.
Hopefully I will be able to update tomorrow. I'm not going with my class to Soho because I am going to a lecture about contemporary art and neuroscience that conflicts. But, I hope to get much work done and begin updating with some artwork.


Alex K. Barton said...

I love reading your blog, you are the coolest person I know. I'm feeling pretty good about that. because I married you. I get to be married to the coolest person I know... I'm kinda lucky :)

Alecia Walls-Barton said...

i love you alex k. barton

Derek said...

I didn't have a very good lunch.