Thursday, October 14, 2010

one last all nighter

Here's Ponyo.

Tonight is the last all nighter before midterm. I cannot wait until after 3:35 pm tomorrow! Fall break is here and perhaps I will get to visit the people I love the most. That would be lovely. I am printing cyanotypes and van dyke browns at the moment when they are finished I will post them. If you haven't seen my beautiful niece lilly, you must visit her blog it's; she's adorable!

I really want to have a full account on so I can look up my family tree. I'm really into geneology. Today I had a conversation with my friend Steven about how exciting it sounds to someday all be one race. That eventually with interbreeding we will all be so mixed up and confused that no one will now what race they are. That would be awesome in a way I think. But then it could cause problems I suppose as far as genetic testing for diseases and such and for people who care to trace their ancestry. Lol.

A photo of my maternal grandparents Albert and Lillian. My grandfather has pneumonia at the moment (scary). And a photo of my Lillian as a teenager. They both grew up in Forrest City and Wynne Arkansas on rice farms. I wish I looked more like her sometimes. Tall and thin.

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